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Automation in a Virtual Environment

Posted by Hey Aiah on Sep 9, 2020 2:47:45 PM

Automation in a Virtual Environment


Many businesses and industries are cognizant of the digital shift of operations and services now that the economy is slowly rising in the midst of pandemic. Operations and logistics are digitized to create a safe and convenient customer experience. As part of this strategy, digital workforce is implemented together with automated processes, chatbots, and other RPA solutions. Many are forced to work in skeletal and/or at home; thus, creating a virtual environment to achieve productivity gains and significant automation benefits.

State of automation in businesses

As the whole country gets deeper into quarantine, businesses discover the effectiveness and convenience automation brings. Significant benefits for businesses to make processes more efficient and less costly are gained through automation. Businesses shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores since most of the audience are 97% internet users or social media users. (Credit: Digital report 2020)

Chatbots that serve the customers 24/7 are widely known in brand pages. Order processing have been automated to show real-time updates and inventory. Payment methods have become convenient with the help of e-payment. Best of all, goods are delivered at the door the moment a customer hits the purchase button.

Enterprises opt for virtual environments

Aside from convenience, businesses see the importance of virtual environments since there is enhanced security and compliance. Another benefit businesses get is flexibility of virtual environments that will help both the business and employees  to strategize and implement operations better. 

Challenges in automating processes on a virtual environment

While the market is expanding rapidly many companies and enterprises are shifting to automating their work environment. One of the challenges encountered in a virtual environment is tracking the productivity of the employees. Many have adapted to results-based approach while keeping the project management intact through a platform.

Another challenge businesses are experiencing now is the hesitation (or sometimes a clash) between accustomed work culture and automation of processes. Introducing digitized and advanced technology takes more than the initiative and planning. Employees have to be on board. The company has to strategically immerse everyone to adapt and get used to a virtual setup.


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