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Building Consumer Brands Through Automation

Posted by Hey Aiah on Aug 14, 2020 7:25:19 PM



At this time (we tried to avoid saying "NN" lest we get negative SEO, if that's at all possible), Consumer Goods brands have the opportunity to grow much quicker than other industries. This is because, regardless of where they work or what they do for a living, people will need to buy the essentials to survive. 

And since March 2020, Filipinos have had countless scavenger hunts to the supermarkets and convenience stores. Some have still continued to bulk buy food or household essentials. 

But with the protocols set by the government, companies are working on skeletal workforce or at home. This gives an opportunity for FMCG brands to go digital and use a direct-to-consumer strategy.

How? By using online commerce strategies and automation. 

There is a litany of how automation can help FMCG brands. But for now, we're highlighting these:

Availability of stocks

Automation lets brands easily input and update the level of stocks in enterprise platforms & consumer facing channels. This means real time online tracking of the product inventory and sales. No customer would want to wait for a delivery for a week and then find out the products are unavailable. 

Now that some people are still bulk buying (the true term is "hoarding," which is a disservice to us all), this is the best time for FMCG companies to provide and supply more and more customer needs. Using digital platforms, they can provide faster and more convenient transactions.

Companies can take advantage of RPA solutions such as order management to prevent errors in processing goods and increase customer satisfaction.

Focus on SKUs and in-demand products

Because of the analytics in digital channels, FMCGs can track which are the hero products to make sure these are always in stock. Apart from catching the attention of the audience through ads, they can easily make customers loyal by rewarding repeat purchase for them.

Besides, having a hero product will also set one brand apart from its competitors. 

Product updates (in real time) are just as important. It keeps customers happy and let's the brand easily introduce new variants or test different pricing or packaing.  

Curate strategies to keep the customers coming back for more

Brand loyalty is crucial nowadays for customers as they look for brands that are easy to buy and convenient to purchase. Today, they might be using brand A, but because it is cheaper and safer to get brand B, customers can easily change their preference and go for the brand that will meet their demands.

Keep track of what works best for your product and your portfolio. Digital channels give the insight for customer strategy, unlike the traditional retail channels.

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