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Cheers to 7 Years!

Posted by Hey Aiah on Jul 28, 2020 2:46:02 PM


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At one point, we have all dreamed to create great things.

Here at Aiah, we are grateful that the dream of our founders, Gian dela Rama and Aldrich Abrogena, has become a fast moving tech company.

Each year, actually almost every quarter, the number of employees have increased quickly. For the past few years, we have spent days and nights at different office locations - whether shared office spaces, the Kickstart basement and, finally, our own head office.

Looking back in 2013 when Gian and Aldrich were just starting out, all they ever wanted was to do was to automate a process to make things more efficient and faster- from Synapse, to Cogito, Nudge, and finally, Aiah.

The company slowly grew and industry giants continue to recognize the company as one of the top innovative tech companies in the Philippines. 

There were many obstacles, of course. But the determination of each one in the team has proven that Aiah will fight for its mission to build the future of work.

Entering the 8th year as a company will have new set of challenges, but as we always do, we will not yield.

To the people who remained through out the years, and to the new members of the Aiah family, cheers to a wonderful year!

We’re on to the next one.