Recipe for Strong Customer Service

Posted by Hey Aiah on Jun 17, 2020 6:10:16 PM

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What convinces a customer to buy a product aside from stunning photos and a strong brand name? It's all about how quick the seller responds to them.


There are a lot of experiences that customers positively share online but often, they also vent on social media. Suddenly, everyone is licensed to give reviews or comments and many others can easily vouch for it.

This is why brands take customer service seriously.

Nowadays, people are much more able to look for solutions and answers online and on social media platforms. Customer service has become an integral part of the business process as this represents the brand.

The moment a conversation starts and when it ends are both crucial. The start of every conversation will determine what impression brands will give the customer.

Will you be able to tend to their needs? Do you have the answers to their questions? Is your product or service fit to what they are looking for? If you are consistent and efficient, you get a satisfied and loyal customer.

But that's just the beginning.

How do you show them that they matter? You treat them like kings. 

How do you deliver excellent customer service? Make them feel that they are a priority.

Below are some tips to make your customer service more effective.


Respond quickly and treat each inquiry as a priority.

The average response time is, at most, 12 hours. This ensures that your brand is up and running and is a reliable seller. It shows that the seller values the time of customers. But being quick to respond is a different story from resolving queries effectively.  According to GlobalWebIndex, 43.1% of Filipinos prefer great customer service in order for them to purchase and spread the word around. 

Stand out and give strong customer service by providing quality, speed and focus. 


Know your customer’s behavior and lifestyle

Never lose sight of the customer. 

One trick to capture the hearts of your customers is being on top of the game and knowing what they want and need before they even tell you. Market research and software will be your best buddies in getting to know the behavior, lifestyle, and preferences of your customers. Asking questions on their interests and hobbies and giving out options to choose from will give you an idea of what to offer and how to handle the customer.

Knowing what they want and being able to win them over are the best strategies in customer service.


Seek to problem-solve for them

One thing that leaves customers satisfied and happy is when their problems have been solved. Give customers the impression that they can count on you. Fixing their problem or catering to their needs (while hitting your goal as a seller) is crucial. Going beyond their expectations will result in creating happy and committed customers.

Listen and be proactive

All customers want to be heard. They don’t want to wait around in a queue and be left unattended to. As a brand, make a difference and take this opportunity to listen and suggest appropriate responses that will help out.

Be personal and warm with them. Do not treat them like strangers. There are many tools that can help give your customers a personalized experience. Conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger often help sellers with this.


Going the extra mile

Give freebies, treat them like a priority, and let them know you care. This will go a long way and will make the customers happy and contented. Maintaining a positive attitude will leave you with a 5-star review and glowing recommendations.

At the end of the day, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy in this industry. Remember, word of mouth is the strongest advertising that you need these days. 

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