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Retail Business Strategy for the Next Normal

Posted by Hey Aiah on Aug 28, 2020 9:33:00 AM

Retail Strategy

The battle between providing better customer experience and protecting limited resources is getting tighter as we go deeper into quarantine. Shifts in protocols and regulations are making  the demands of customers more and more specific.

At this point in time, what strategies can businesses use to meet them?

Build a CX-centered culture

One of the best strategies in creating loyal and satisfied customers is to put the customer first.

By listening to their reviews, demands, and needs, businesses will know how best to engage with them. Businesses should put themselves in the shoes of the customers and map the customer journey to know which part they can improve on and what strategies they can create to scale up the businesses.

It is also important to take note of customer reviews, and to respond or take action to let the customer know they are heard.

Develop new products and services

Having and knowing your SKUs are crucial and essential for businesses. This will differentiate the brand from your competitors. Get in touch with the customers through email, text messages, survey forms etc. to know which part of the operations and what services can be improved. 

Provide reliable service wherever customers need it

Customers expect a response within 30 minutes at the most- whether at night, weekends, or holidays. With AI-powered customer service, business are there 24/7 for  customers. Chatbots can provide customers with the best information they require and can quickly troubleshoot problems.

There are many strategies depending on the situation of the business, but what is more important is getting by each day as the whole world is (economically and physically) changing.