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Use Case: Automation caters to millions of subscribers at a time

Posted by Hey Aiah on Sep 17, 2020 6:43:06 PM

Use Case 9


With the increased number of customers online due to the pandemic,  subscribers make use of social media channels to reach out. Telco brands need efficient ways to cater to the audience and address their concerns. 

The challenge is to engage with customers when they need it - even after work hours and with a reduced workforce.


Automation has helped in this difficult time. Deploying bots to support customer service creates a seamless and more efficient customer experience.

Bots can also reduce a significant amount of cost and resources. They can cater to the audience 24/7 and easily hand off complex inquiries that only a human agent can answer.

Customer details and conversations are handed over for real-time update and status- all within the company policy and guidelines.


  • Ensuring all customers are attended to and happy with the service and experience
  • Real-time update, status, and insights
  • Human employees are able to upscale their skills since repetitive and manual tasks are off the plate

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The 3 Cs in Chatbots

Posted by Hey Aiah on Mar 25, 2020 12:43:03 PM

3Cs in Chatbot - Display Photo

In this digital age, people are racing towards digital transformation. This fuels them to be more competitive and adaptive. This also allows a more progressive working environment where tasks and processes are done faster and efficiently. 

Enterprises that remain on legacy solutions and are unable to adapt to a digital climate, will be left behind.

Nowadays, companies are in search to find top solutions that will cut costs and hasten business process or workflows. For customer facing channels, brands are shifting towards conversational maturity and intelligent processes to create a seamless and effective customer experience.

To make this possible, three characteristics surfaced to describe what bots should be able to do for brands:



Chatbots offer meaningful connections with millions of users at once. Bots that can talk and converse (just like how humans do) often give audiences a breath of fresh air. They feel some relief that they can find a solution 24/7 from a particular brand. Customer experience is enhanced and improved, leaving customers satisfied and happy.




The fear of many is that chatbots will not be able to understand and answer complex inquiries. This is probably true, if and when the list of FAQs are not properly fed to the bots. Chatbots must be equipped with word-based rules, NLP (Natural Language Processing), context/sentiment extraction and historical analysis. Nowadays, bots are able to handle 700+ inquiries that vary from one topic to another. 

Also, chatbots should be able to hand off complex queries to authorized help desks or human agents. This enables customer service teams to handle all customer inquiries.




Bots may have the impression of taking a job away from a human, but the main purpose is to augment work or collaborate with humans to improve the quality of their work. The use of bots and artificial intelligence create a space for competitive learning and hone new skills for working teams. Bots help users to make the job faster. Through collaboration with other machine learning tools, bots deliver successful business results through a collaborative experience.


Aiah creates conversational commerce solutions being used across multiple industries and use cases. Contact today to learn more. 

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The Customer is no longer king

Posted by Hey Aiah on Feb 22, 2020 2:40:00 PM


The customer is no longer king.

This age old saying used to paint an image of the customer being treated as royalty – as if he waited on his throne to be served and to be revered by the royal court. But the role of the customer has fundamentally shifted.

Today, the customer sits front and center across every aspect of a business. He is directly involved and is much more proactive in shaping his own experience with a brand. He no longer waits to be told – whether in response to a complaint, an update for a new product launch or pretty much, any piece of information he needs. He now wants, or rather, expects a simpler, faster and much more satisfying customer experience.

His lifestyle, too, has transformed overnight. Living in an increasingly connected world, he no longer gets information from disparate channels (that word “multichannel” is now extinct). He now lives in an omnichannel reality and expects brands to be running along with him in a single, uninterrupted stream. Technology literacy is no longer optional. It is a life jacket that keeps brands afloat in highly competitive markets. 

How does a brand survive in the new era of the customer?

The tech titans (Amazon, Google, Uber, etc) have shaped the new customer experience and more and more brands are realizing that they need a more retail oriented approach to engage with their customers. Regardless of the industry, brands need channels that give customers what they need, when they need it – and even perhaps before they even know it.

Self service channels are now a necessity. Customers are much more self-reliant and self-sufficient these days. More than 81% of customers surveyed by Gartner in 2019 try to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative.

Brands also need to have agent-assisted self-service when customers need to speak to an agent. Whether a chat bot  on Facebook messenger speaks to them first or directly hands them off to a human agent, brands need to create an effortless customer experience.

But this is just the beginning. The customer has changed but also continues to change every day. Brands today need an urgent mandate to understand them better and, more importantly, be there for them where it counts.

Aiah is an intelligent automation platform designed to build compelling brand experiences. Let us help you transform your business using our platform.



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