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Telco Today

Posted by Hey Aiah on Aug 5, 2020 2:57:02 PM

Telco Today


Telco companies play a pivotal role during this crisis. Consumers, business owners and enterprises are relying more and more on their services due to the rise of remote work.

How are networks adapting and preparing for this (Next Normal)? 

Data traffic is getting busier as we go deeper into quarantine and as businesses race to go online. This puts a lot of pressure on network providers to meet the demands of the consumers. Millions of people are staying home and employees are working from home.

Establishments like schools, healthcare systems etc. have considered resuming their operations through online platforms. WiFi or mobile data are primary sources for education, work and entertainment as people stay home.

The bulk of traffic comes from video calling and other team collaboration tools used by employees for their daily work. 

With maximum capacity in data and stringent compliance to Bayanihan Heal As One Act, telecommunication companies in the country have given extra data capacity and staggered payment methods for all subscribers and consumers.

To meet the demands of the consumers, mobile networks are monitoring any traffic changes to be equipped for any frequency increases. Maintaining a steady flow of users and giving more network capacity to serve data users in real-time are also necessary.


Living the New Normal, telco giants in the Philippines, like Globe Telecom and Smart Telecom, have been working side-by-side to provide consumers with connectivity. With ready capital expenditures, both are confident that they can serve what the Filipino people need as the changes in lifestyle continue.

To empower and support consumers and businesses, Globe Telecom  is offering digital solutions. These solutions will help the consumers carry on during the New Normal and scale up businesses wherever they are.

"We empower enterprises to start their digital journey towards a more sustainable future—one wherein they are prepared for whatever situation. To help businesses achieve uninterrupted operations for customers, we have set up a roster of digital solutions that ensure business continuity.

- Globe Business

PLDT Inc. has been giving continuous support and is ready to cater to the increase in demands during the pandemic- both in PLDT Home and Smart Bro Plans.

These improved services and increases in data capacity will give consumers faster and longer time for internet access for online classes, working hours, and operations & services of businesses online.

“Over the last five years, we have spent P260 billion in capex [capital expenditures] and that has made us very capable of serving our customers during this pandemic. Our investments in our network have paid off, we continue to deliver good customer experience,”

- PLDT chief revenue officer and Smart president and chief executive Alfredo Panlilio