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The Future of Telco

Posted by Hey Aiah on Jul 31, 2020 5:21:04 PM

Future of Telco

With the current surge of mobile and internet usage, how are telecommunication networks dealing with it? Where is the future of telecommuncations headed?


Here are 3 main trends for the future of telecom:


5G Networks will be more than just increasing the speed

5G will not only be a source of increased internet speed, but also will cater to the demands of consumers for a more immersive online experience that is supported by more processing power.

Networks are not just technology distributors anymore. They have become one of the biggest service providers that cater to more and more needs of customers. Because of this, telecommunications has led to emerging new businesses and has supported many other industries. This is why telecommunications networks are preparing for 5G.

But what is 5G and how can it help?


The wide range of the 5G Network consists of the following:

  • Drives network virtualization, cloudification (yes this exists, it means converting data or any application to make use of cloud computing), and cognitive automation to support the revolutionary part and advanced technologies of 5G
  • Invest in technologies such as network slicing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence
  • Focus on upgrading business processes and operational systems for a more updated structure
  • Explore new business models that will fit the advanced technology of 5G Network.



AI will encompass a myriad of focus areas for industries- telecommunications most especially

Now that brick-and-mortar stores and physical offices are forced to close and/or to slow down, enterprises have to rethink strategies.

Some employees are forced to work remotely and/or in skeletal workforce for the meantime. The change in structure has greatly affected the process and operations of the company due to lack of manpower. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. 

Major telecommunications providers are rapidly adapting to this digitization. One of the telco giants in the country, Globe Telecom, has proven that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay with or without the pandemic.

For their broadband products and services, they have acquired 3x increase in leads 20x in customer engagement through chat. (See case study here:

This is rapidly increasing now that most Filipinos are glued to their mobile phones. Based on GlobalWebIndex, Filipino consumers spend almost 10 hours everyday on their mobile phones to use social media, research for information, and discover brands on the internet.

Having virtual assistants and chatbots will improve the customer experience with automated responses and human-like interactions. Real-time insights of data and predictive analytics are also made readily available in automation.

This will promote unique customer engagement and personalized, positive bot-human interaction. 


Internet of Things (IoT) largest player is telco companies

With artificial intelligence taking place in the world of manpower, Internet of Things is deemed more relevant now more than ever and predicted to grow exponentially.

It uses unique identifiers (UID) that aid artificial intelligence and machine learning in collecting data processes. IoT makes collecting, collating, monitoring, and analyzing data easier and more effective. This helps the workforce to work faster and smarter as they gain more control of the process and how services work.

This also gives companies the opportunity to take advantage of connected devices that makes them more competitive and helps reduce labor costs.

Now that more tech companies are launching new gadgets and technology advancements, telcos are increasingly looking to IoT as well as a key competitive advantage. 


With these trends happening around us, are businesses ready to adapt and shift to these technology advances? Let Aiah automate your business today using artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions. 

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