Things To Consider In Creating A Digital Storefront

Posted by Hey Aiah on Jun 11, 2020 11:38:16 AM

Things To Consider In Creating A Digital Storefront-1


With the rise of E-commerce in the Philippines, 71.4 million Filipinos are social media savvy and use internet as a daily source of information and entertainment. One big reason is also shopping online.


But, how do brands create a digital storefront that will efficiently supply to the demands of growing customers? 

Set up a digital channel that answers the demands of the customers

For the brick-and-mortar stores, faster operations to supply demand quickly is usually the main priority of the brand. But how does a brand know what channel or platform to use to reach the right audience? Simple. Social media is the main channel where customers are today. Using platforms such as Facebook Messenger helps these retailers instantly reach them, exactly where they are.

Knowing the needs, preferences, lifestyle, and behavior of the audience or potential customers will also help in shifting from a physical store to an effective digital channel. 

Speak to thousands, or even millions of customers at the same time 24/7

Talking to customers, most especially the inquisitiveness ones, can be time consuming. Handling customer service all at the same time can be a daunting task. This happens more when a growing business suddenly gets more and more new customers. This is the most exciting part for the business but also the tricky part. This is why automating conversations with customers is necessary. 

Conversational commerce has been getting popular with a lot of retailers. Apart from creating meaningful conversations with the bots of the brand, sales are spiking up as buying online is made easier in just a few clicks, and 24/7. 

Integrate an E-commerce channel with logistics

As E-commerce continues to grow, retailers need to have smooth and efficient logistics. Why? Because every business must have the ability to have organized transactions, efficient inventory management, and automated record keeping for a seamless and transparent view of their business. 

There are numerous benefits that a business can get from integrating the logistics of the digital store. Apart from making online purchases easy across locations with automated operations, it also improves transactions. This creates a positive impact with customers, leaving them satisfied and potentially converting them into loyal customers.

Excellent customer digital experience while browsing the online store

Let’s be honest. Who would want to browse a terrible and not customer friendly online store? No one.

This is why E-commerce giants are taking the time and effort to create and revamp their channels and make sure visuals are appealing. Optimized and SEO-friendly websites make a huge impact on search engines that gives the customers an impression of a credible and trustworthy online presence. We all know that those search engines are the first touch point of people who are looking for products and services online. This is why staying up-to-date is essential and consistency in content posts is a must.

5-star customer experience

Experiencing a seamless and reliable transaction from start to end is the most award-winning digital experience for customers. Making them feel like they are a priority will leave them wanting more. One of the most sought after customer service is free delivery. According to Global Web Index, 50% of Filipinos love it best when an online store has a free delivery method. 40% are longing for promos, coupons, and discounts, and 35% go for quick and easy online checkout process.