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Use Case: Automation caters to millions of subscribers at a time

Posted by Hey Aiah on Sep 17, 2020 6:43:06 PM

Use Case 9


With the increased number of customers online due to the pandemic,  subscribers make use of social media channels to reach out. Telco brands need efficient ways to cater to the audience and address their concerns. 

The challenge is to engage with customers when they need it - even after work hours and with a reduced workforce.


Automation has helped in this difficult time. Deploying bots to support customer service creates a seamless and more efficient customer experience.

Bots can also reduce a significant amount of cost and resources. They can cater to the audience 24/7 and easily hand off complex inquiries that only a human agent can answer.

Customer details and conversations are handed over for real-time update and status- all within the company policy and guidelines.


  • Ensuring all customers are attended to and happy with the service and experience
  • Real-time update, status, and insights
  • Human employees are able to upscale their skills since repetitive and manual tasks are off the plate

Topics: artificial intelligence, chatbot